African American Genealogy and Spirituality in the U.S.


I go by Ayo - Ayodele Una Adanna in my spiritual life. It is Yoruba (Nigerian) and Hopi (Native American). I am called Ayo for short. My name means "at last joy come homes in rememberance of her father, for she is her father's daughter". It is a dedication to my deceased father. It was chosen also because I follow the Yoruba spirituality/religion known as Ifa Orisa. My goal is to focus on Spirituality among minority cultures in America in the diaspora. Specifially, how the spirituality of our ancestors fit in to our world today. My background is American Indian on both sides, Gullah/Geechee on my maternal side, and Caribbean on my paternal side. But, a proud African on all sides.

I am a member of:

The American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians

The Association of Professional Genealogists