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The Egun have now learned to tap into technology

Posted by geneaus on March 21, 2013 at 1:20 AM

Hello, my name is...and I'm a conspiracy theorist. It's no wonder that I question coincidences, especially when it comes to the spiritual realm. I have seen too many "coincidences" that make absolute - sense - to just be chance. Latest genealogical adventure: The Egun and the internet.

You've heard it said that ghosts and spirits cannot directly straight out and touch the tangible/physical world and therefore they use antics such as that of a poltergeist by moving furniture, making sounds, and doing other things to gain our attention and let it be known that they are present without the ability to tap you on the shoulder and say "hey!".

On my latest genealogical search I happened to be going through "hints" on and one of my egun had a hint which I clicked on. It was the grave marker for my aunt "Bootney" who was born on February 22.

During the time of Bootney's death, one of our family members, I'll call "T", was unable to to attend the funeral. He was very close to Bootney and the idea that he could not be present at her burial was heartbreaking for him and our family.  I ended up sending an email to the son of "T", named "D" and said "please pass this along to your dad in case he was never able to make the visit to the gravesite even now".

I found out that the mother of "T" and grandmother to "D", called "J", was in the hospital. All of this conversation took place on February 21st, just one day before Bootney's birthday.

Now, the family is kinda dispersed due to disagreements and long-time angst, but I let my mother, who is Bootney's sister, but the same age as "J", and who was once J's best friend,  know that "J" was in the hospital and that I don't think the timing of me finding the grave marker 1 day (30 minutes before her birthday) was a coincidence but that Bootney knew that with the family not being good communicators she had to somehow get the message to the rest of the family that her daughter, "J",  was not well. After all family is family.

Perhaps I read more into it than what it really is, and perhaps it was a coincidence, to those of you who do not believe in miracles, egun, or communications through the spirit world. I personally believe that the timing nor circumstance was not chance. Bootney has learned how to influence the living world around her, and has apparently learned how to use too!

OK, OK, I suppose it goes deeper than that, because Bootney would have also had to influence the photographer of the gravesite to take the picture, then to upload the picture, etc. etc...but why not?! Why wouldn't the egun use whatever tool they can if they needed to get the message across? Back to what I said about how spirits may not always be able to come straight out and communicate with us, so, if it can use technology to its advantage, why not?

Iba [a]ye baye t'orun Lona Chamberlain, welcome to the the virtual world.

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