African American Genealogy and Spirituality in the U.S.

About Ifa

      Ifa is an ancient religion and spirituality of the Yoruba. It would be compared to the Western definition of Animism because of the rituals and practices of several "Gods" in which we call Orishas and because those who are initiated into Ifa believe that several elements in nature have a "godly" role to play in life's cycle as well.  In Ifa wind, water, rocks, metals, and even colors (to name a few things) are all interwoven in things that make up what the meaning of life is for its people.  Ayodele is not my final "official" spiritual name, that will come at a later time after various rituals and initiations but in the meantime, this name is mine while on my journey into Ifa. *(Many people are more familiar with some of the other religions that spawned from Ifa such as Vodun (Voodoo) in Haiti, Santeria in Cuba countries, Candomble in Brazil, Cult of Shango in Trinidad, etc.).

Oriki Egun

Oriki Egun - Praising the Ancestors Egungun kiki egungun Praise the Ancestors Egun iku ranran fe awo ku opipi Ancestors who have preserved the mysteries of featherless flight O da so bo funle wo You create words of reverence and power Egun iku bata bango egun de On the strong mat you spread your power Bi aba f'atori na le egun a se de The Ancestors are here Ase So be it I dedicate this Genealogy project to first our Egungun. I also dedicate this Genealogy project to ALL of my family, the present and the future. This is an on-going project that I hope will continue for generations to come even when I have become the spirit of the Ancestors. I love each and every one in my family and I hope you enjoy. Mother's Egungun: Godboat Bethea Johnson Wilson Father's Egungun: Hay Gilbert Campbell Dawkins Daniels Ase O, Ase O, Ase O!

Shango by Ayo

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