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Sea Islands

Island Database

Island Database - South Carolina - United States

• Capers Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)

• Capers Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• Daufuskie Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• Dewees Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Edisto Island, South Carolina
• Folly Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
• Hunting Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• James Island, South Carolina
• Johns Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Kiawah Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Lady's Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• Little Edisto Island, South Carolina
• Morris Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• North Island, South Carolina
• Palms, Isle of, South Carolina
• Parris Island, South Carolina
• Phillips Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• Saint Helena Island, South Carolina (Beaufort County)
• Seabrook Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Sea Islands, South Carolina
• South Island, South Carolina
• Sullivans Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)
• Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina (Charleston County)

Capers Island , Charleston co., SE S.C., just SW of Bulls Isl., 15 mi/24 km ENE of Charleston; c.3 mi/4.8 km long. Separated from mainland to NW by Intracoastal Waterway

Capers Island , Beaufort co., S S.C., near NE entrance to Port Royal Sound, S of St. Helena Isl., 11 mi/18 km SE of Beaufort; c.2 mi/3.2 km long. Separated by narrow channels from Pritchard Isl. (NE), and Phillips Isl. (NW).

Daufuskie Island (duh-FUHS-kee), Beaufort co., S S.C., one of Sea Isls., at mouth of New R., 12 mi/19 km E of Savannah, Ga.; c.5 mi/8 km long. Daufuskie Isl. Resort Center with village on S shore. Intracoastal Waterway runs between isl. and mainland.

Dewees Island (duh-WEES), Charleston co., SE S.C., swampy isl. (c.2 mi/3.2 km long), 13 mi/21 km ENE of Charleston, bet. Intracoastal Waterway channel (NW) and the Atlantic Ocean (SE).

Edisto Island (ED-is-to), Charleston and Colleton cos., S S.C., one of Sea Isls., 22 mi/35 km SW of Charleston; c.10 mi/16 km long, 10 mi/16 km wide. Highway connects with Little Edisto Isl. (just N) and mainland. Edisto Isl. village, Edisto Beach (resort), and Edisto Beach State Park (c.1,250 acres/506 ha) are here. Antebellum plantation area; vegetable farming, fishing.

Folly Island , Charleston co., SE S.C., one of Sea Isls., 8 mi/12.9 km S of Charleston, on the Atlantic; separated by Folly R. channel (W); c.6.5 mi/10.5 km long. Highway bridged to James Isl. and mainland (N). On SE shore is Folly Beach (resort); naval reservation is on NE end.

Hilton Head Island , S S.C., 1 of Sea Isls., SW of Port Royal Sound, 17 mi/27 km ENE of Savannah (Ga.): c.12 mi/19 km long, 1 mi/1.6 km-5 mi/8 km wide. Hilton Head village on W shore. Major resort and convention center. Airport.

Hunting Island , Beaufort co., S S.C., one of Sea Isls., just E of St. Helena Isl., to which it is connected by highway bridge; c.5 mi/8 km long. Huntington Isl. State Park (c.5,000 acres/2,024 ha), resort colony, and wildlife sanctuary here.

James Island , S.C.: see Charleston.

Johns Island , Charleston co., S S.C., one of Sea Isls., c.5 mi/8 km WSW of Charleston; c.11 mi/18 km long, 5 mi/8 km-10 mi/16 km wide. Mfg. of neon signs and agr. chemicals; agr. includes vegetables, sweet potatoes, watermelons.

Kiawah Island (KEE-uh-wah) (1990 pop. 718), Charleston co., SE S.C., one of Sea Isls., 12 mi/19 km SW of Charleston; c.10 mi/16 km long; 32°37'N 80°03'W. Resort center separated by narrow channel from Johns Isl. (N); Stono R. is E, Atlantic Ocean S.

Lady's Island , island, Beaufort co., S S.C., one of Sea Isls., c.35 mi/56 km NE of Savannah, Ga., connected by land to St. Helena Isl. (S) and Port Royal Isl. (W); c.10 mi/16 km long. Wilkins village on NE shore. Oyster and vegetable canning.

Little Edisto Island , S.C.: see Edisto Island. 

Morris Island , Charleston co., S S.C., one of the Sea Isls. at S side of entrance to Charleston Harbor; c.3.5 mi/5.6 km long. Charleston lighthouse on S tip. James Isl. to W, Folly Isl. to S, Atlantic Ocean to E.

North Island , S.C.: see Winyah Bay. Winyah Bay (WIN-yaw), estuary, Georgetown co., S.C., c.50 mi/80 km NE of Charleston, 14 mi/23 km long; receives Waccamaw, Great Pee Dee, and Black rivers (all navigable); traversed by Intracoastal Waterway. Georgetown is at head of bay. North Isl. (c.8 mi/12.9 km long) extends almost across its mouth; lighthouse at 33°13'N 79°11'W. South and Cat isls. combine (c.9 mi/14.5 km long) at S side of bay entrance.

Palms, Isle of , S.C.: see Isle of Palms.  Isle of Palms , town (1990 pop. 3,680), Charleston co., SE S.C., on Isle of Palms isl. (5.5 mi/8.9 km long), 8 mi/12.9 km E of Charleston; 32°47'N 79°45'W. Suburb of Charleston and resort center. Bridged to Sullivans Isl. (SW). Intracoastal Waterway passes to W. Destroyed by Hurricane Hugo (1989); since rebuilt.

Parris Island , S.C.: see Sea Islands.

Phillips Island , Beaufort co., S S.C., one of the Sea Isls., NE of entrance to Port Royal Sound; 6 mi/9.7 km long. St. Helena Isl to N., Pritchards Isl. to NE, Atlantic Ocean to SE.

Saint Helena Island (HE-luh-nuh), Beaufort co., S S.C., one of the Sea Isls., c.12 mi/19 km long and c.10 mi/16 km wide. Bounded SW by Port Royal Sound, W by Intracoastal Waterway, Port Royal Isl. opposite, N by Coosaw R., NE by St. Helena Sound, SE by Atlantic Ocean. Smaller Hunting, Fripp, Pritchards, and Phillips Isls. bet. isl. and Atlantic Ocean.

Seabrook Island , c.5 mi/8 km long, Charleston co., SE S.C., one of Sea Isls., at E side of North Edisto R. mouth to SW (Edisto Isl. is opposite), 13 mi/21 km SW of Charleston; 32°34'N 80°10'W. Town of Seabrook Isl. (1990 pop. 948), formerly Seabrook Landing, on NE part of isl. Antebellum Sea Isl. Cotton Plantations here.

South Island , S.C.: see Winyah Bay.

Sullivans Island , Charleston co., SE S.C., at N side of entrance to Charleston Harbor; 3.5 mi/5.6 km long; 32°46'N 79°50'W. Site of Fort Moultrie and Sullivans Isl. (1990 pop. 1,623), a resort town formerly called Moultrieville. Fort Sumter Natl. Monument to E, at entrance to harbor.

Wadmalaw Island (WAHD-muh-law), Charleston co., SE S.C., one of Sea Isls., 11 mi/18 km SW of Charleston, bet. Edisto and Johns isls.; 11 mi/18 km long, 2 mi/3.2 km-11 mi/18 km wide. Bounded by Stono R. to NW, North Edisto R. to SW, narrow channel to S. Connected by short highway bridge to Johns Isl. (NE) Rockville village is on S shore. Agr. includes tomatoes.

Island Database, Georgia, United States

• Cockspur Island, Georgia (Chatham County)
• Cumberland Island, Georgia (Camden County)
• Jekyll Island, Georgia (Glynn County)
• Ossabaw Island, Georgia (Chatham County)
• Saint Catherines Island, Georgia (Liberty County)
• Saint Simons Island, Georgia (Glynn County)
• Sapelo Island, Georgia (McIntosh County)
• Skidaway Island, Georgia (Chatham County)
• Tybee Island, Georgia (Chatham County)
• Wilmington Island, Georgia (Chatham County)

Island Database, Florida, United States

• Amelia Island, Florida (Nassau County)
• Anastasia Island, Florida (St. Johns County)
• Big Coppitt Key, Florida (Monroe County)
• Big Pine Key, Florida (Monroe County)
• Captiva Island, Florida
• Cudjoe Key, Florida (Monroe County)
• Dog Island, Florida (Franklin County)
• Elliott Key, Florida
• Jupiter Island, Florida (Martin County)
• Key Biscayne, Florida (Dade County)
• Key Colony Beach, Florida (Monroe County)
• Key Largo, Florida
• Long Key, Florida (Pinellas County)
• Merritt Island, Florida
• Puerto Rico, Florida
• Saint Armand's Key, Florida (Sarasota County)
• Saint George Island, Florida
• Sanibel Island, Florida
• Siesta Key, Florida (Sarasota County)
• Talbot Island, Florida (Duval County)